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April 21, 2005



I am quite sure that he explictly says that he is autistic, although I'm to lazy to find exactly where. I also loved this book. It's was a quick read, but definitely left an impression on me. No doubt, I'll reread it sometime soon.


Wasn't that a wonderful book? I absolutely loved it. Wasn't it interesting that the supposed "normal" folks were the ones who were ultimately dysfunctional?


Yes, I liked it, too. I had occasion to spend a weekend with a young man about that age not long after I read it. His mother of course knew that he was different and had trouble in school. The school surely realized it. When I gingerly suggested that perhaps he had a mild form of autism called Asperger's syndrome she was stunned: "you mean there's a name for this?" I told her I couldn't diagnose the boy but he seemed to fit: inability to cue in to other people's emotional states, getting along better with animals than people, some signs of compulsive behavior... He was a good kid, though, and his family was very nice. Naturally I also told her about the book. Not as a therapeutic tool, but because it was good.

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