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April 13, 2005



I love toilet humor.



A (w)hole new genre. Mozzil Tov!

Debra Hamel

Wow. This is impressive.

Ames Tiedeman

Thanks! I learned somethng here.


Nice toilet humor! I am a fan of anything toilets and luxury bathrooms including bidet seats.


Have you heard about EcoJohn? It's actually much better than envirolet. EcoJohn is a highly efficient, waterless toilet that incinerates the waste with propane. No odor, no water, no chemicals. The man behind the toilet "EcoJohn" is Swedish designer Pelle Petterson whom also designed the Volvo P1800 and Maxi boats. I just bought it last month for our camp site and everyone just loved it!! Check it out their website: http://www.ecojohn.com EcoJohn is very clean modern high-tech toilet that I've even seen before.

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