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May 02, 2005



I like your choice. I think it's more down to earth.


Interesting. I was commenting on the post above this one and as I back paged I said "her picture looks different." Normally I'm not so observant. ::patting self on back::


looks good

Green-Eyed Lady

Huge Grins. In my few months of blogging I've come to realize that many of us are insomniacs, sleep-deprived, and voracious readers as well as writers. I'm new here, but this your friendly pic is a super invitation to peak into your blog. :) As you can read, I believe this is my 3rd comment on one visit, in between working at my computer.

I love to photograph and paint nature, so the "sky" blue is soothing and reminds me of where I live.

Oh, did I mention that bloggers also must multi-task? We're all patient. Take care. :)


I like the hair! Most women would kill for long curly hair - or spend a fortune. Consider yourself lucky and a good time manager. :-)

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