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May 20, 2005



FQ1: Slovenian (spoken by apr 1.6 milion native speakers - prety exotic); Serbian (r/s/w), English(r/s/w) French (r/s/w), German (r/s),Italian (r/s), few words in Thai.
FQ2: My native country is Slovenia, but I've visited all Euroepan countries, the former Yugoslavia all over the place, Syria, Ethiopia, Cuba , Thailand, even the USA several times...
FQ3: Thai food, Thai language, Greece ...definitly
FQ4: No, I prefer to stay what I was so far. The quality of living in Slovena is FAR better then any place ref FQ2, considering our still quite intact nature, no (serious) crime. The nature I enjoy ever day www.zavod-symbiosis.si) Maybe I could move to Thailand for some time..

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