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May 01, 2005



Is that pork not AMAZING? We had that for Easter this year - expensive yes, but unlike anything I'd every tasted. Coupled with a mushroom cassrole with some shavings of black truffle...mmmmmmm.... Japanes black hog? 2 Thumbs WAY up!


It sounds interesting and exotic. I have never eaten Cuban food. There aren't any Cuban restaurants over here on the West Coast.


Oh....and we're both mistaken.... it's actually "kurabota". Either way - delish.


At Todd's Unique resteraunt where I am employed in the Las Vegas area, our chef creates a creamed fine diced apple and pork loin juice sauce from roasting a Korabuta pork tender loin and carving it thin. The final diced apple sauce is poured over the top of the sliced loin and served with our creamy mashed potatoes and assortment of veggies from seasoned red cabbage, carrots, asparagus, green beans to baby squash and corn. I have rarely had a customer who my presentation of the Korabuta pork entree choose something else as a main course. I have never had one person not enjoy there pork loin meal compleatly. I stand behind the far superior quality of the Korabuta pork for I have enjoyed both eating and recomending it to others.


Hi Everyone;
I am happy to hear all the positive comments about Kurobuta Pork. I just want to clarify a few things. The name Kurobuta is Japanese but the pork itself is produced in America and exported to Japan. Yes, Japan gets it's Kurobuta from producers like myself in America. We do not import any pork from Japan so if you really like what you taste, Thank You. For more info and history about Kurobuta please view www.jbarstenbergranch.com


I was under the impression it was the other way around, so thanks for setting the record straight! I hope Kurobuta will soon be more readily available on the east coast.

Cheryl Moreau

The pig the pork comes from is a Berkshire black pig. One US producer is Green Wood Farm in MO. You can order this Kurobuta (which means black pig or hog) from Savenor's or John Dewar's (Newton and Wellesley).

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