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May 26, 2005



Yes, it's the latest trend around here lately too. I hate bracelets and wear none, even rubber ones. I don't like the feeling of constriction or movement when I move my wrist.

Steve Wright

I think bracelets can be a helpful tool in raising public awareness. Check out "one.org" for yet another color. My kids wear one and they know what it stands for.


The same is true over in the UK too. I saw some dodgy copies being sold at market the other week.
The most popular are the Livestrong, the pink breast cancer ones, and the black and white ones (anti-racism I think). There's also a pouplar anti-bullying one that kids either seem to get bullied for wearing one, or get intimidated into giving it away to the bully themselves as they fashionable.
You've blogged about it now - when Google finds it the comments section will soon be full of young people begging you for bands.


These bracelets are also dangerous because they closely resemble the medical bracelets people wear which represent DNR (do not resuscitate) and DNI (do not intubate). A man in FL died because when he was taken to the hospital someone saw him livestrong bracelet, assumed it was a DNR bracelet and did not resuscitate him.


They are big here in Atlanta, and there was even a big to do at my school because the assistant principal forbid the kids to wear them to school because our uniform code says "no bracelets". I was surprised that even some PARENTS complained about the kids not being bale to wear them. At my son's baseball game the other day our pitcher had 3 of them on in different colors and the other team asked him to take them off because they were distrcting.


One of the classes at L's school sold black ones with EXCEL in purple letters (school colors) to raise money for something or other. And we have also been solicited or otherwise made aware that a couple of different diabetes organizations are selling them and of course we're suckers when it comes to diabetes fundraising and awareness efforts.

He doesn't wear his, though; he says they're uncomfortable and I would think especially so in the heat and humidity of summer in the south.


That's funny you write about them...my daughter wanted a breast cancer one only because it was pink...but I just read something over on 5ives.com which gave me a chuckle:

Five things I’d like to see engraved on little rubber bracelets
1. Nap Strong
2. My Other Bracelet is Fighting Colon Cancer
3. America: Shut Thy Pie Hole
4. Kiss Me, I’m Trendy
5. Please Watch Arrested Development

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