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May 31, 2005



you are making me hungry for a good old fashioned Lobster Roll. Only 31 more days until we hit Cape Cod, where I am sure to have a lobstah roll within a day or two!
My kids have not wanted to try lobster yet, unimaginable to me, since I have been eating lobster since I was a kid (we had a family friend who had lobster traps). Since my Dad has severe shellfish allergies, I don't push them into trying it. I guess it saves us some money too - ho dogs are cheaper than lobster - LOL!
Kudos to Pete for trying it!


Yay for Pete! Also, yum, thanks for another great recipe. Can't wait to try it.


My former church does a lobster sale every year as their main fundraiser, and I just got the flyer today. This may tip me over into the "yes" column!

Good for Pete! If Liam tries it I will take out an ad in the newspaper.

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