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May 04, 2005



I really liked Beautiful Girls - maybe because although the surroundings didn't feel all that New England-y - the characters did - it was like being at my high school reunion - also something I discovered here in the south, people here don't use nicknames all that much - up north everyone knows someone names "Sully" or "Smitty", when my husband and I tlak about our college friends, we realize that we NEVER called anyone by their first names - the guys at least!

I haven't seen Facing Windows - will have to check it out.

Green-Eyed Lady

Hi! I found you via Blog Explosion and am so glad I did! :) I read far more often than I can catch a flick, so thanks for the movie reviews. I'm blogmarking your site to come back when I have more time.

I was browsing blogs while printing off artwork pamphlets on my computer. (I'm an artist who is also a "wannabe" writer. Hope you come by my blog.
Creative blog. I like the "daily fixes" title for your link list. Humor is a must. ;)

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