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May 15, 2005



I gather that John Irving was very involved with the making of "The Cider house Rules Movie." It was he that was so willing to make those huge changes in the story necessary to create such an effective movie.


I loved Cider House Rules (both the book and the movie). Another one I loved was the "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood"... the book and movie were quite different, but the movie was very faithful to the underlying spirit and story of the book. Also, I loved the book/movie "About a Boy"... again, not exactly the same, but both very good.


If you haven't read the book of The Sweet Hereafter, DO! I usually can't stand to read books after I've seen the movie--I can only do it the other way around--but I read The Sweet Hereafter after I'd seen the movie (although I think there was some time passage there, so my mental images weren't completely formed by the movie anymore) and I LOVED it. I had loved the movie--I'm not a big movie person and rarely see films in theatres--but all I remember was sitting in the theatre, sobbing through it. Somehow, the book was even more emotionally compelling (and probably less manipulatively so than a movie inherently is).


I'm glad you liked the Cider House Rules; as I told you earlier, it is one of our family favorites. The original Day of Jackal was fabulous--so suspenseful.


Oh, and I loved the book version of the Godfather. Excellent read.

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