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May 31, 2005



I can only speak as a Protestant, not a Catholic. That said, Dogma would probably make my top 10 list for must-see movies. I loved it! The casting was superb. Of course, what instantly won me over was the obscure reference to the movie Krush Groove.


Dogma was excellent fun, yes. The delights kept coming right up to the end–Alanis Morissette as God? Too good. I've been staying away from Open Water. Somehow I got the feeling it would be two hours of grimacing without any emotional payoffs. Just a gut feeling.


DOGMA is one of my favorit emovies (I'm not Catholic, though). I think it's one of the movies that speaks about faith and the need for faith and was made with deep love for faith and despair with hypocrisy.

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