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May 30, 2005



Your experience reminded me, unfortunately, of one I had last December. The week I came back to the office after my maternity leave, a man jumped off of the roof of an 8-story hotel across the street from our office building. We are on the 20th floor, and so, although the police and other City services that responded to the scene draped the area with a curtain-like apparatus so that those at street level could not see the suicide victim, we had a very clear view from above of the body in the middle of the street. I don't know why, but they never covered the body until they picked it up to take it away - it was broken - like those toys we used to have when we were small - I don't remember what they were called, but they were figures on a small pedestal and held taut with strings, until you pushed your thumb up through the bottom of the pedestal, and the little figure just fell to pieces - all still attached, but broken. To say it was disturbing is an understatement -the unnatural position of the limbs, the curiosity of why he did it.....I didn't sleep well for days. I didn't walk near that part of the street. I didn't even want to drive my car over that part of the street, which is inevitable because it's the only way out of our parking garage. Several weeks later, I got some info on incident and it helped with closure - but I also realized that my mind has almost completely blocked the image from my memory unless I specifically think about it - amazing how one's defenses work. Anyway, I'm glad you followed up to find out she was OK. You needed that.


I'm so glad she's OK. That must have been so terrifying. I hate hearing any story of kids in danger, and can't imagine witnessing one. I had a hard time leaving my own little one at the playground at school this morning, and I later wondered if it had anything to do with reading your post yesterday.


I am glad it turned out well for the little girl.


I'm glad to know she's okay. Maybe the store knows her family, and would pass along a card from you.


I'm so glad she's okay. Working the the restaurant business I've seen a few senior citzen choke to the point of needing assistance, but I can't imagine how I would react if it was a child.

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