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May 24, 2005



Barret Oliver in The Neverending Story?


How about Hayley Mills in the original "Parent Trap"? Or Mark Lester in "Oliver" (or the guy who played the Artful Dodger; I can't remember his name)? How about the little boy who starred in "Finding Neverland"? I'm also a big fan of the Harry Potter movies. Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint all did a great job bringing those beloved characters to life.


Hal Scardino in The Indian in the Cupboard.


Frankie Muniz in "My Dog Skip"


The little kid in The Bicycle Thief. I think his name in the movie was Bruno.


You know, Keiran is very much the same, animated movies only...but DH rented a movie this past weekend for her called 'Racing Stripes' (about a Zebra that thinks he's a race horse) and she absolutely loved it...as did Danica (age 4). I finallly watched it, from beginning to end, yesterday with the girls and have to admit I thought it was very cute. I would really like for Keiran to have an interest in movies that are not "animated" or cartoon-like, yet she has not shown an interest...so I feel like this is a start.


Oh, I meant to post the last post in the "movies Stephanie might enjoy section" - sorry.


"Cinema Paradiso" and "Kolya" are two foreign films with great child performances. And oh, oh, oh--"Ponette" a fantastic film with an amazing, heart-breaking performance by a four year old! She one best actress at the Venice Film Festival. If you were tearing up at the end of "Finding Neverland", you'll be crying your eyes out with "Ponette."

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