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May 10, 2005



I understand how you feel. My third daughter, Zoe (who was my baby until after 7 years we had a surprise and Owen came along) is now turning 15 this summer. Life is so unbearably wonderful and sad all at the same time when you see your kids growing up. (My eldest is 21) And I am sure I got a puppy last summer to help me deal with the no more babies issue. (Whimper)


I know what you mean. My youngest (the 3rd one too) is 4 1/2 and I was very sad when we packed away the crib and all the "baby" stuff - although I really am starting to enjoy going places without a diaper bag and all that other baby stuff I lugged around for so many years. I always tell James that he will always be my baby - alhtough he dosen't like that too much!


My oldest is 15 now and my youngest is 12. I still can't believe it. And they are certain to be the last ones I ever have.


Very cute and it is fun for them to grow up. (but it's poignant for us!)

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