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May 25, 2005



How funny that your wrote about this. I was just fuming over the article myself. What right does he have to comment on this issue?


Don't you just love when people (men OR women) who haven't given birth sit in judgment over people who have? ARGH!


I don't think it's about being a celebrity or about being an asshole or about having a smile that's somehow evocative of that big flaming eye from The Lord of the Rings. It's about believing in shit that you have no good reason to believe in. It's a tale of bad epistemology. And maybe bad taste.


Yes, when is the last time that Tom gave birth? Or worried about a thing except how he looks? I can't tolerate people who judge others when they have NO clue what they are talking about.


The scary part is that there are people who are actually going to read what he's said and take it to heart, as if he's an authority on anything other than having a head that's too big for his body.


I say 1) how dare he criticize how Brooke Shields coped with PPD when it's something he has never and will never have to experience and b) when exactly did he become a pharmacologist??


He must be related to the yahoos pharmacist who won't fill women's prescriptions that are against their religious values. I didn't see the article but am blown away and disenchanted. What a dick!


Movie stars know EVERYTHING!

I always suspected he was an idiot. At least Brooke has a private life. She shared a part of herself and he criticized it? What a man.


Hmm. I hope he comes down with a serious bout of clinical depression. Or! Better yet! Schizophrenia! I know it's rude to wish that on anybody, but OH WELL. What a dweeb.


People have their own ways of dealing with certain issues. He has not had to go through it yeah, but he does have an opinion that he thought was right and felt that people should know. Let him say all he wants at least people who have gone through it or knows someone who has gone through it know how hard it is and should speak about it. Let people know what you went through and tell them how you got through it! Speak loud enough you just might get through to the person who is not understanding on this issue!


What right does that dickhead Tom Cruise have saying, "Medications won't cure your depression!" I think that is just not right at all! I just had a baby and sure you get depressed, but it's because all it takes is a little adjusting to having a baby. And if any woman out there needs to take medication for there depression, so be it. I would let any woman out there know if you just had a baby I know what you're going through. I've been having depression and crying for no apparent reason. You go girls! More power to you if anyone decides to take medication.

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