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May 29, 2005



How horrifying. Seeing children in danger has got to be the most anxiety-inducing thing there is. My son choked on something once. I wasn't home at the time. The paramedics were called but he had coughed it out by the time they got there, thank goodness. I myself once choked on something when I was small. My dad stuck his finger down my throat and pulled it out. I remember it vividly.


Seeing a life-and-death situation like that can really shake you up and leave you rattled for hours and sometimes days. Part of it is just having it thrust upon you suddenly, out of the blue while going about your normally hum-drum day. One minute you're looking for arugala, the next minute you're witness to an almost surreal drama of life.


How AWFUL!!! Did you find out anything further when you went back?


Very scary! I'm glad she's OK though.

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