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July 18, 2005



For DVDs, if you want to watch the widescreen version, you put the dvd in with the side saying "widescreen" up.

I understand the small TV side of the coin, but there are some DVDs that have this disgusting digital pan where the camera seems to move but actually it's just to show the other side of the original frame of the shot. As a complete film nerd, this alone has been known to ruin entire movies for me. But I'm sensitive like that.

Hope that helps!


I am not good at deciding either. Sometimes it's best just to be random about it all.


Oh. My. Gosh. Same here. I never remember which is Daylight Savings and which is the standard time. Hilarious!


But my husband is a film nerd like Brad here, and so I've been brow-beaten into a heightened knowledge of things like widescreen and film aspect ratio.


Hey...spring forward fall back! :)


I vote widescreen.


I know that, but WHICH was is Daylight Savings Time -- the spring or the fall?

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