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July 21, 2005



I'm quite the opposite. I'm known to look up at 9 p.m. from the book I'm reading aloud to them and suddenly ask "hey you guys ate dinner, right?"


I used to be like you, but am getting more like Scott. Of course, with daughters who are 19 and 15, I don't have to be as obsessive.


I hope to be that way in another 10 years, when my kids are in the double digits!


He is an angel, you are not scum. Although I'll gladly join you in therapy.


You make me laugh. Don't be so hard on yourself.

Devra Renner

Have I got a book for you! Please come visit our website and check out our blog. Aviva is a child development specialist and parent educator, I'm a social worker and together we put our expertise into a book! The title? "Mommy Guilt: Learn To Worry Less,Focus on What Matters Most and Raise Happier Kids" The book has a generous sampling of Mommy Guilt moments, some serious some funny, from the over 1300 parents who filled out the survey for our book! While no parent can ever get rid of the guilt completely, we certainly all can learn to ways to diffuse it so the therapy does't take as long or cost as much. ; )


Thanks, Devra. I think for the most part I am pretty balanced about what I allow myself feel guilty about. Of course I feel guilty when my kid can't go swimming because *I* forgot to pack his swimsuit -- I think that's normal. My mistake, his disappointment. What I don't feel guilty about is any of the "big stuff" -- yet, anyhow! ;-)

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