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July 27, 2005



I agree about Kundun. I saw it a long time ago since I, too, can never get enough of all things Tibetan and Dalai Lama-related. Have you ever seen The Cup? It was made in Bhutan in a real Tibetan monastery-in-exile. It's lighthearted and very enjoyable.


Maybe some of the elements of "Million-Dollar Baby" weren't as original as you might have liked, but I think the way Clint Eastwood directed it was very Oscar-worthy! Compared to the hype and the cast of thousands of a movie like "The Aviator", this movie relied basically on the relationship among 3 characters and was so incredibly powerful.


Phooey, I can't find The Cup at Netflix -- I will have to look for it at the dreaded Blockbuster! Sounds very nice (I read about it at imdb).


I agree that everything about M-DB was well done, but I just thought it was somehow going to be "life-changing" after all the raves it got.

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