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August 05, 2005



How about the words to "Patty Cake?" I go through the whole thing with the roll it, pat it, mark it with a "B", etc. My husband thinks it's, "Patty Cake, patty cake, baker's man. Roll 'em up. Roll 'em up. Throw it in the pan!" His sounds more like a cheer at a high school football game.


Itsy-Bitsy, disposable, breastmilk, binky okay early on, bad later on.


It's 'Incy Wincy' in the UK.
There's even a wikipedia page on it:

There's only one issue you missed - the dummy (pacifier?). I hate them with a passion. Fine for babies, but once your child starts to walk they are a no-no.
Says the lady with no kids ;-)


LOL! You're right, he's wrong -- sis-boom-bah!


Binky = Dummy


It's "itsy bitsy" in my book. And my daughter had her binkies (plural--always a spare in her hand) for longer than I care to admit with no ill effects. My son never wanted one, but he chewed on his blanket instead. It's not worth arguing about!


Disposable, breastmilk, NO binkies. Itsy-bitsy.


In that one water spout song, I always sang it as the eensy weensy spider, so that's what I think. I did cloth diapers, Binky yes (over sucking fingers or thumbs) and I breast fed for a while.


I'd never even heard it sung "eensy-weensy" until I saw the commercials for a CD box set of kids' music with children singing. It's just wrong.


itsy bitsy here
also, disposable diapers, breastmilk (although son #1 ended up on formula)and go figure, I WAS no binky (son #1 never had one) but the two breastfed kids had them, oh well!


Itsy-bitsy, breastmilk, nook (dummy, pacifier, binky), disposable (though we tried to do the environmentally correct thing and use cloth for a while). Regarding patty cake: roll it, pat it, mark it with a B, yes. And while we sang patty cake too, don't you think the more correct form would be "pat-a-cake"?

My kids were in diapers 10-15 years ago! This discussion takes me back.


itsy bitsy, breastmilk until the suckers give it up then formula, binky (plug) for my daughter until 3 1/2 (fixed her under bite per the ortho) - other kid wouldn't take one. i wonder if itsy bitsy is a west coast thang.


Itsy-bitsy, cloth for at least the first couple of years, breast, no binky.


Why would anyone in their right mind use cloth diapers??!?


"Itsy-Bitsy." No two ways about it.

Pacifiers? Loathsome, but at least you can, when the time comes, throw 'em away. The thumb, on the other hand, is attached.


eensy weensy! (Canada) breastmilk, cloth for first year, then disposables... no pacifier (our family called it a "guy" pronounced with a hard gee (not jee)- I think it's French?)


We're certainly on the same page as far as those first questions go...but we don't see eye to eye on the spider thing ;-)


I never did weigh in on the cloth vs disposable diaper issue. We actually used cloth diapers with both our girls - the first, because we wanted to, the second because she was allergic to the plastic used in disposables.

There is no frickin' way I would ever use cloth, if I had to do it over.

And if you think you're doing the environment a big favor, think again. The net impact on the environment is lower for disposables: I speak as an engineer here. Washing those cloth diapers is not an environmentally friendly act. Because of the bacteria, you can't wash 'em with other stuff, and you need to heat up a lot of water and detergent - and then send it down the drain.


I think it depends on where one lives -- Is water more of a concern or landfill? And in addition to the landfill problem, the petrochemicals used to make disposables are god-awful. But I used 'em, and would do so again.


Cloth diapers, safety pins, and rubber pants were used in this house for all 5 of our kids. Our youngest is now 8 years old. Cloth diapers are simply the best!

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