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August 02, 2005



I saw a segment on this book on 20/20 or something similar. They followed 4 staff members who followed the regimen. They were all cranky and none of them lost any weight. LOL! But I agree it's an interesting way to think about what you ingest.


Yeah, I'm not expecting to lose weight; I'm just hoping to get rid of this sluggish, foggy, bloated feeling. (Something tells me that laying off the booze for 11 days will be more than just a step in the right direction...!)


I just requested a copy from the library. I weaned off a lot of the meds I'd been taking for fibromyalgia and have started feeling better alread (ironic), but still think I could benefit from a detox program. Any thoughts on when you're going to do it?


I used to fast (for holy days) as a teen -- meaning absolutely NO FOOD AND WATER between sunrise and sunset. This would be for 19 days in a row once a year. Um, generally, just felt weak and drained. No increase in mental acuity.
When I'm doing good on low-carb though, there's excellent energy and mental acuity. I think this may just mean that I used to be prone to sugar rushes and sugar lows. Or maybe there's adifference in teh body when I'm burning fat rather than storing it.


I don't think that's the same kind of fasting, since you could probably eat whatever you wanted after sunset. (For the record, I fasted for Yom Kippur when I was young too.) Also, a detox fast requires LOTS of water and "miracle juice."


Have you read the book French Women Don't Get Fat? It's interesting reading to see her perspective. One thing she recommends which might be easy-ish to do is leek soup for a weekend, I think--take a look.


I felt that exact same way a year ago. Tired, sluggish, a little "blue" feeling some days. I found out after a physical exam that my thyroid level was high, indicating a sluggish thyroid. I now take a synthetic, prescribed thyroid pill (a very tiny one which is good since I do not like taking pills) every morning and feel absolutely back to normal. Have your thyroid levels checked if you haven't done that in a while.


I think the secret is that French Woman All Smoke!


I have my annual physical in the fall, so I will certainly mention my lethargy then. Thx!

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