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August 21, 2005



My kids have eczema, so I was spending their college money on the Aveeno oatmeal body wash for a long time. *weeping* Then I discovered a generic of it at our local Dollar Tree, and now I buy that. It's fragrance-free and very gentle. Granted... if they didn't have skin issues, I'd prefer something with a bit of scent. But this gets the job done and doesn't irritate.

On the other hand, I received some of the "grown up" Johnson's baby-oil-containing body wash as part of a package, and I really like it.

Last thought: have you looked at Trader Joe's? They have a lot of wonderful (reasonably priced) beauty products there.


We've tried a variety of products. Currently, they have a selection of Johnson's KIDS Super Sudzers (like a bar of soap enclosed in a dishcloth type fabric), Cetaphil liquid cleanser, and I think they've used something from the L'Oreal kids line in the past. I also noticed that Bath & Body Works has a kids line, including a foaming wash at http://www.bathandbodyworks.com/browse.do?nav_keyword=body.childrens.


A shower gel that we used for a long time, but haven't lately (no clue why), was Alba Botanicals Very Emollient Bath and Shower Gel. The scent I liked most, which was very mild was Honey Mango. It's the same as the scent that Trader Joe's has in their Shave product. In fact, that's made by Alba Botanicals, just branded for TJ's. I used to buy the shower gel at Cost Plus where it was branded for them, came in a huge container and was reasonably priced. I think I need to pick up some more. I miss it now that I remember it. It also makes a mild bubble bath, IMO.


We all use the same liquid shower soap - Ivory. I guess we just like that traditional Ivory smell!


I'll be at beloved Target today and look for the plastic foaming soap dispenser.


So long ago. But I did for my daughter what my mom did for us. We had cute hand puppet washcloths and loved to soap them up. We would work up a great lather and make hairdos! Now kids can get the soap already foamed. Instant gratification. Just another thing for me to use in my "when I was a kid.." speeches. When I was a kid we had to make our own soap foam! :)


my dermatologist always said nothing but DOVE soap. Now it comes in liquid. Good luck


Found something! Will drop it off soon.


I'm in Australia, and I know Johnson and Johnson do a kids liquid soap here - in fruity scents.

I'm sure you must be able to get it somewhere there. Will try and find out the exact name of it.


Are you still washing those dirty kids? Why aren't you blogging?


Softsoap Naturals has all kinds of scents---fruity, flowery, etc as does Suave---I'm sure the kids would like one. Also, White Rain has nice scents and they're only $1 at Walgreens.

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