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August 30, 2005



Monitor carefully, especially at the beginning of the year.In my experience,unless the situation is recognized and dealt with early on, the prognosis is grim.


She sounds like she's made a big effort to get to know people. I think the postcard thing is a great idea!


Definitely speak your mind early on. But if things don't go perfectly... well, sometimes an imperfectly disciplined classroom can be educational in its own way.


as a teacher myself of the young ins, yes you are very correct kids can tell right away and take advantage of that ASAP. its scary sometimes knowing that.

its a very good idea with the post card thingie. i usually just perfer sending a letter home in the summer introducing myself etc...

Sheila Newton

Don't be afraid to jump in early- I have found that waiting can be disasterous. Good luck!


I taught elemntary school for 20 years. This year watch the next grade's teacher and request her teacher at the end of the year.


Our principal will not listen to requests (except, I would guess, in EXTREME case). Sigh.

Jennifer Jones

I hope Stephanie has a great school year. Mer received her placement on Friday and I am excited. She also has a new teacher -- new to the district. Her husband is the new superintendent in a neighboring district. She has taught third grade for 15 years and has also been a Talented and Gifted coordinator. I have been right where you are -- new teacher and bad kids, one of friends has convinced me to save my requests (if there is such a thing at our school) for Will who will definitely be more challenging academically. The funny thing is the teacher "everyone" wanted for third grade ended up with a lot of the real trouble makers -- including her own son.


That sounds great for Mer! I can't believe you have to wait so long for your placement. I also can't believe a teacher would have her own kid in class! I've never heard of such a thing.

I too believe in "saving" requests for when you really need it. For instance, if Steph has a really bad year, I would feel justified in speaking up about it for next year.

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