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August 14, 2005


Lorena Foster

I don't know - do your kids like it when the tide is in so they can swim... or when the tide is out so they can dig and play in the muck? :-)

The maximum water level is called "high tide" or "high water" (tide is in) and the minimum level is "low tide" or "low water" (tide is out).

The time between high tide and low tide, when the water level is falling, is called the "ebb". The time between low tide and high tide, when the tide is rising, is called "flow" or "flood".


They mostly prefer low tide. The beach we went to had a great sand bar. But high tide is sometimes more fun for the waves!

I understand the difference between the tides; I just sometimes mix up the names. I also mix up my kids' names, so it's understandable. ;-)


Low tide gave us much more room to spread out at the beach---anywhere between the white sand and the water. It was also a long walk to the water and mom would bring her chair down to watch us swim. High tide squishes everybody up onto the white sand which could be hot. Low tide also gives plenty of room to take a long walk. When the tide was coming in, we'd have to keep moving our stuff back up.

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