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August 18, 2005


Jennifer Jones

Oh no! I guess you have a good reason to go shopping for more clothing essentials! (grin)I have to agree that it is extremely annoying not to have a washer. I swear that I do a load every day during the summer. Luckily our swim club provides towels! (grin) Perhaps I should insist that the kids shower at the club daily? (grin again)


I do a minimum of one load daily year-round! Often two. I am sorely missing my washer. Sob, sob.


Have you decided what you're going to get? I love getting new appliances, but hate when it's the result of one dying. The only thing worse than a washing machine biting the dust is a fridge that's met its maker. Laundry will, unfortunately, wait for you.


Ahhhh...all washers go to heaven.

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