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August 29, 2005



Wow, you are on a roll. I'll have to do this one too.


wow...take me back. :) Great List!


thanks for the site. i really enjoyed looking back on me year...


I love looking at the lists just because of the memories. It was my first year of teaching. I love disco, Fleetwood Mac and Supertramp. I can't ever think of that time without mentally hearing its anthem-- Another Brick in the Wall.


I'm 1980, too, and was so dismayed. I remember music from high school as being so good. But then, I didn't listen to most of this stuff. Where are the Ramones and Elvis?


In terms of lame popular songs, 1980 can't hold a candle to 1986:



A truly painful exercise. I tried 1987 and couldn't even come up with 10 songs I'd listen to today. Odd, I don't recall having trouble finding music I liked at the time.


I LOOOOVE "Upside Down" by Diana Ross!


I found the same meme in the same place. What a difference ten years makes!

Looks like you made up your own variation of the rules. No favorite of all the 100? No songs you loathed? Inquiring minds want to know!


Rules, shmules!

I loathed most of those songs. I hadn't heard of quite a few, either -- mostly country stuff, I guess. I couldn't pick a #1 favorite, although it might have been Blondie or Prince....


I did my year--got a lot of great memories! I found quite a few of my favorites in your year, too--but how can you think of not including Brick in the Wall?? I remember seeing the video for the first time--I cried -it seemed so poignant and deep. And I stil like Supertramp's Take the Long Way Home. So many times I took the long way home, too.

Thanks for that link, Karen...I hope all is well with you.

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