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September 29, 2005



What a terrific day. The school system here has canceled all out-of-county field trips for the time being due to gas prices, and the casualty for Liam's class was a farm. He was so bummed ("that's my favorite farm!")


Sounds like a cool trip - never thought of doing something like that. Now I'm wondering if there are any places over here that do that kind of thing. Living in the SE of England ('the Garden of England') we're surrounded by orchards on all sides.
By 'cider' I assume you mean apple juice, rather than what we Brits would call cider (fermented apple juice -hic-). That really would be a cool trip - for the adults!


great picture


It's a VERY popular field trip for kids ages 4-7 around here. Such good, clean fun! All of the orchards around here welcome school buses -- it's certainly worth a call around.

On this side of the pond, "cider" just means strong apple juice -- we call the alcoholic stuff "hard cider." Hic indeed! ;-)


There's Pete! I wondered when we'd get a photo of him. What a great day, indeed. It's about time for our trip to the pumpkin patch.


He's fully entrenched in "make a goofy face when you're in front of a camera" mode, so this was a rare occasion indeed.

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