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September 20, 2005



Yamazaki sat on a low wooden stool, watching Skinner shave. Skinner sat on the edge of his bed, scraping his face pink with a disposable razor, rinsing the blade in a dented aluminum basin that he cradled between his thighs.

'The razor is old,' Yamazaki said. 'You do not throw it away?'

Skinner looked at him, over the plastic razor. 'Thing is, Scooter, they just don't get any duller, after a while.'


I wouldn't go that far myself, but I'm definintely a no-frills shaver (when I deign to do it at all, which is every two or three days). I go with these every time.


and by "these" I mean:



They now have a 5-blade razor. I kid you not.

Cool Tools says this is better:


I fully expect they'll start providing a cape and tights with purchase.


And no matter what they call them, nor how much they raise the price for the exciting names and piling up sixteen levels of razor blades and eight strips of moisturizing gels, they continue to cut me, every morning, on the same damn spot they've been cutting me since 1981.

Right side of my neck, just above my adam's apple. Every day of my life.

I swear, by now, if I bought an electric razor, that spot would still bleed just out of habit.


I like capes.

Gavin Small

For years I had been using disposable bics, but the quality of the shave was rubbish. Dave, one of my friends, told me about the Merkur Classic 178 Safety Razor (http://merkurclassic.com/4/merkur-classic-safety-razor-straight-178-made-in-germany) and I haven't looked back since. Old Fashioned razors beat bics any day.

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