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September 27, 2005



I had a friend in grad school that had a goal of reading all 100 most banned books - she had read quite a few of the list already, but she was working her way down the list. The NY Public Library has an exhibit this week about banned books, it looks interesting - http://www.nytimes.com/2005/09/26/books/26book.html?pagewanted=all


It's hard to believe that with all the real problems this world faces, some people are going to use their time, money, and energy to fight over whether a book is available at the library. If you don't want to read a particular book, or you don't want your kids to read it, fine. But leave it for someone else, please.

Thanks for the link,


I've read many of those books too; our younger daughter(high school sophomore) read Of Mice and Men for her summer reading assignment and wrote a paper on it. I don't understand banning books--never have. It is too reminiscent of Nazi Germany.


from the list of what you have read I have read 13 books.


I have also read 25 out of the 100 books on the list


I wonder why A Light in the Attic was banned?


Oh, you're going to love this: It "encourages children to be mischievous."

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