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September 21, 2005



I would seriously vote for someone with that kind of slogan. If I was only still a Texas resident!


I loved the cartoon, but really, do you think Texas would ever pick someone so wacky as their governor?

Oh, right.

Joel Altre-Kerber

Did you see Kinky on CBS Sunday morning over the summer? It was a rerun from the spring, but the man seems perfectly "sane", in the Jesse Ventura mold. Jesse did no harm, so all we are saying, is give Kink a chance! (That's BIG K King, not small k kink... not that there's anything wrong with that....)


Yet another reason to move to Austin. Couldn't be any worse than the Governator.


Kinky Friedman is always running for office. I like to keep a eye on him. He is funny. I often get the feeling that he would do a good job. I heard a interviw with him last nov and he was well spoken knowledgable around all his goofing off.

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