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October 26, 2005



Henry stuttered a bit around 3, but it was I who was the world-class stutter. Even today I can feel a stutter coming on when I'm nervous. The speech person who evaluated Henry said it was quite commom for kids to stutter and that often they outgrow it.


Henry stuttered a bit, but it was really I who had the stuttering issue. I still stutter a bit today when I'm nervous. I like to think we stutters are very bright and have so much to say...


OR he could come to CTA where I work which would be the coolest thing ever :)


You are handling it perfectly as far as I am concerned. I am not very familiar with stuttering, although my husband does it a bit.


I really admire the way you're handling it, Karen. I've heard that when kids get self-conscious about stuttering, it only makes it worse.


A lot of the info they gave us to read talks about parents feeling frustrated or even angry about their kid's stuttering, which is very strange to me. All I ever thought or worried about was whether PETE was feeling frustrated or angry. Here's hoping he can work through it without ever getting self-conscious.


Mquest Jr. has been going to a school speach therapist for about a month. At a 3.3 years of age his speach was still delayed. The school district took him in and we are seeing a world of differance. (it is also a half hour lesson each week.)
At one point we were taking him to the HMO at 25 dollers a lesson.
Our state also gave him free care at a speach center up to the ago of three.


We started early intervention for Pete at around 2yo because of delayed speech too. He finally started talking at around 2.5 and we discontinued the speech therapy. I don't know whether there's any connection with delayed speech and stuttering.

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