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October 09, 2005



I loved Toy Story 1, but didn't like that Cowgirl in 2. I found her annoying. The rest of it was good though. I am a big fan of kid movies.

Joel Altre-Kerber

If there's anything I can't stand it is employees not given accountability. A "manager" has to approve? Please... give these people an opportunity and authority to satisfy a client and the appreciation will come back 10x. A lot of companies haven't learned this yet, and they wonder why they have rampant attrition. they guy should read a Tom Peters book for pity's sake.

BTW - Toy Story 2? Loved it! Bionicles...uh...never heard of it.

Thought of setting up a separate queue in Netflix for the kids? I plan to set one up for my wife. Go figure - she's not into German silent film! I'll have to check out Deadwood though. Any good?

My wife's and my record for having a Netflix movie out? 7 months.

Here's to weather when you can wear a turtleneck, sweater AND shorts simultaneously!

Joel in Buffalo

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