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October 28, 2005



Wow, a lot of good stuff. I'm not familiar with Paul Rishell, is he from up by you?


That was some list, eh? I was tempted to burn a CD just to commemorate it.

If you liked country blues, you're in for a real treat. Paul Rishell is just amazing on the guitar. As for CDs, I recommend starting with "Swear to Tell the Truth." There are plenty of free MP3s over at Amazon:
He has paired up with harmonica whiz Annie Raines in recent years. I bet you've seen them and didn't realize it -- do your kids watch "Arthur"? They're featured on the blues episode, during the "Now a word from us kids" segment. And yes, they're Boston-based. We've seen them perform live, just wonderful.


Okay, I'm a huge Dave Matthews fan, as you know - as the world knows. I've never heard him do Wild Horses. Do you which CD it came from?

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