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October 11, 2005


Girl of Nowhere

How great to meet another voracious reader! I'm going to blogmark you so I can come back and visit and hopefully read more ablut the great books you are reading.

Right now i am reading Dave Eggers, "A Breathtaking Work of Staggering Genius" Have you read it? It is so raw and so good.


when i was little, that was my favorite poem. i'd recite it over and over again. thanks for bringing back great memories!


It has a great rhythm -- I never tire of reading it aloud to Julie. My favorite part is when you get to May and it says, "Mix it once, mix it twice, mix that chicken soup with rice!" Somehow the "that" really jazzes me up.


you have to get the Carol King CD - Really Rosie or check i-tunes for her version of Chicken Soup with Rice - if you haven't heard it before you will love it!

here is the link on amazon:


I remember it from way back, but I'm sure Julie's never heard it yet! Thanks for reminding me.

Library Lady

I have used the Nutshell books (larger versions of course) at children's programs for years. I have a huge oversize one for Chicken Soup, and I never read it, I always sing it. The kids and their parents love it and the books go off the library shelves constantly.

Both of my girls LOOVED the books and "Really Rosie". We kept the tape in the car and used to listen to it CONSTANTLY on road trips.My older one used to act out "Pierre" with me and her little sister, even at age 6 still likes to sing "Chicken Soup With Rice".

Thanks for visiting my blog, BTW!

Liz Krengel

ditto on the Carol King version. I can still hear her singing Pierre. And on another note--the cookies: I doubled the batch but instead of 3 cups of flour, did 2 1/4 cups and 1 cup of oatmeal. They were great, a little chewier and less doughy which my was only original semi-complaint. L.

Mr Potato

If you really look at it, this "poem" is a selection of vile and disgusting sentiments barely disguised by frivolity.

Comrade batata

The last two verses of this distasteful diatribe are clearly in the wrong order. Is this some sort of twisted humour?

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