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October 04, 2005



Are you also willing to pay for the $300 in furnishings that are inevitably purchased at any IKEA visit?

I wouldn't be able to get out there for a week or two, but we have been meaning to pick the boys up some much-needed nightlights.

...and that endtable would look great in our family room, and who couldn't use more storage bins, and...

Let me know if you need me to go, it's right over the bridge for me.


No IKEA? Gasp! We have several around here although a bit of a haul in all the traffic. But if you need em, let me know!


If Mark can't travel soon, Sacto's Ikea will be built in late 2006. :-)


Are you near Avon? An Ikea should be opening up there soon.


Have you ever been to Ikea? The one that is near us is one of the circles of hell. Like cattle they force you down a path/maze you can not go back unless you exit and start over again. The walking dead putting one foot in front of another while baby strollers bash into your legs. No exit until you finish the aproved path and break back into the sunlight.
Do I exsagerate? No. I hope the new ones are not like this. They do have nice stuff. But one must restart the process to relook at something.


No, I've never been to one -- but you're making me think that maybe that's not such a bad thing!

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