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October 01, 2005



With all due respect, if three talking dogs (one of which is two stories tall) doesn't un-suspend your friend's disbelief, then a small matter of swimming in the fall shouldn't! :-)


Y'think? Gee, an island represented by every possible ethnic group, disability, and so on (a single dad from Jamaica! a female Asian veterinarian! a kid in a wheelchair who is otherwise perfectly normal!), now THAT'S believable! :-D

Debra Hamel

Well, the three dogs talk to each other, not to humans. We are merely privy to their canine banter. I don't think that's reason to suspend disbelief. Clifford's size is another issue. It's surprising that the Birdwell Island residents are so undisturbed by the presence of this beast that could, should the mood strike him, dash their heads into tiny bits with a swish of his tail. And what of his doggy waste products?


Please let the record show that I disliked the lack of continuity in the story line...as improbable as it is...and I am mighty tired to even notice, nevermind comment.


I don't know why but I think this is the funniest post and set of replies I have ever seen. I CANNOT stop laughing!!?


I am still trying to grasp the concept of Free Will on Thomas the Tank Engine. They can do what ever they want but, the workers on the train sometimes play god and end all the fun

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