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October 29, 2005



let's hope she is a verbatim reader! what an idiot!

Library Lady

You mean I'm not the only one who reacts to stuff like that when I see it? :)

We get a lot of that in the library.My favorite is the twit who let her toddler run about while her older brother was doing a bead craft. The little angel kept putting beads in her mouth, and IF Mom noticed she would remove the bead, put the kid back down on the floor and go back to her conversation. Repeat over and over. Oyyyy!


I would have done the same thing, but wouldn't have been able to hold my tongue. My mom would have felt compelled to take the pen out of the baby's mouth, and then explain why it was so dangerous. I think that you were VERY restrained. I am proud of you!


Hopefully mom was just having a bad day and actually realizes that pens are not appropriate teething toys. If not perhaps there's a future for the little darling in Blue Man Group or something.

Joel Altre-Kerber

OK - I read this to my wife after I spit out a mouthful of coffee (think Danny Thomas spit-take [if you are old enough to remember this?...]) this morning.

Our friend Mary stopped by this afternoon with her 2 year old Will. As we were chatting and catching up, Will snatched up a ballpoint and smeared it all over his face - a pre Halloween misplacement of whiskers for his leopard costume! Alison and I were simultaneously mortified and hysterically laughing based on your story.

It's so easy to laugh when the children aren't your own!

I blame this on one too many viewings of "Rear Window"...

Guiltily - Joel




You know, people often get defensive when they're wrong. The woman was clearly unconcerned with her child's well-being.


Great post.

Dr Bella king

clearly no parent would choose to let their baby suck a pen and to suggest otherwise is obtuse.The key is to be helpful without making a mother feel inadequate. Asking a closed question like "Do you know your baby has a pen?" gave the mother no way out. "no" would have implied she was not vigilant and make her feel challenged in her parenting capabilities ,so I assume she said "yes" to annoy you as you had(unwittingly or deliberately perhaps?) humiliated her. was your intention to help the baby as you claim? Or if you are honest, to make yourself feel superior by pointing out someone else's failings? No one wants to be a bad mother; no o e wants someone to suggest they are. We all need kindness and support To help us be the best parent we could hope to be; being judged and humiliated isn't constructive or helpful to mother or baby. She would have felt miserable for days following your encounter . So much better if you could have shown some empathy. "oh gosh they're little monkeys aren't they? Mine were always grabbing things they shouldn't too".
The bigger question is about the real reason the baby police choose to condemn parents today, on the pretext of caring for other peoples children.

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