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October 17, 2005



Oh my gosh, I LOVED Time Traveler's Wife and I didn't expect to at all. Let me know what you think.


Time traveler's wife.....so good, so sad. I sat alone in my chair one afternoon just to finish it crying like a fool. Give it a chapter or two to get acclimated and then bang. Right in.
The secret life of bees was great as well. Mainly because I think I was born a southern woman in another life...lol, or should have been.


"Saturday" looks like a good read.

Anne Glamore

I just started reading "Saturday" at MetroDad's suggestion. I also loved Time Traveler's Wife. I reviewed it in one of my virtual book clubs. The book freaks out some people, but I thought it was lovely.

Please report on the others!



i didn't know that one could sell one's own books at half.com? hmmmmmm.......


Secret Life of Bees is wonderful. If you are looking for another, I suggest Jim the Boy by Tony Earley. It's really a young adult book, but it is a wonderful coming-of-age story.


That's all half.com is: a marketplace for people to sell their books to other people. I've made hundreds of dollars selling my books -- some new, some like new, and some just gently used. Kids' books we got as gifts and didn't like, books we had doubles of, computer manuals, and so on. Amazon Marketplace is the same thing, but half.com provides a shipping allowance.


I liked the Time Traveler's Wife and found it interesting but also a bit too confusing and disjointed. I know that was the whole point, but it made for difficult reading.

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