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October 05, 2005



How about -

1. Phil Ochs "One More Parade"

Cold hard stares on faces so proud
Kisses from the girls and cheers from the crowd
And the widows from the last war cry into their shrouds
Here comes the big parade
Don't be afraid, price is paid
Don't be ashamed, war's a game
World in flames
So start the parade!!

2. John Welsey Harding "Scared of Guns"

I wanna put flowers in the barrels
Like the famous photo, understand
That I'd rather get hit on the head
That hold cold metal in my hand

3.10,000 Maniacs "Gun Shy"

So now you are one of the brave few, it's awful sad we need boys
like you.
I hope the day never comes for
"Here's your live round son. Stock and barrel, safety,
trigger, here's your gun."


You nailed it. Wow.


I choose WAR, "what is it good for?"


"...absolutely NOTHING!" That was my first thought, too.


they're sending soldiers
to distant places
x's and o's
on someones drawing board

like green and plastic
but with human faces
and they want to tell you
it's a merciful sword

but with all the blood
newly dried in the desert
can we not fertilize the land with something else?

there is no nation
by god exempted
lay down your weapons
and love your neighbor as yourself

- Our Deliverance, Indigo Girls

Joel Altre-Kerber


Phil Ochs - "I Ain't Marching Anymore"

The Housemartins - "Caravan of Love"

Cat Stevens - "Peace Train"

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