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November 01, 2005



Number 2 is a do! Numbers 1 and 3 confuse me because I'm not super computer-literate. It took me until last month to learn how to put your site on my "favorites" list. Pathetic, I know.


Yes to number 2, for sure. I haven't been commenting or doing my own blog lately, but I'm still here. I'm always interested in your reviews and recipes.

Anne Glamore

I would like links to recipes and book reviews-- definitely. Don't have a CLUE in the world how you'd do it, though!

Anne Glamore

I'd love a link to recipes and reviews!


I would love it if you would do this! All 3! We're so behind in the latest movies but whenever we do sit down to watch one, I find myself trying to remember whether you gave it a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Particularily when DH arrives home with 3 movies and I have to select just one because that's all we'll have time for before we have to return them!


I like your random iTunes posts. Call me crazy. Catergories...that was what I was getting at.


What a great idea, to ask a question like this on your weblog. You're a very thoughtful blogger.

I don't remember how I first found your blog, but I read your weblog repeatedly because:

1) You're a Bay Stater, and local blogs instantly get more attention from me. (I think we share a lot of regional interests);

2) You're a good writer.

3) You say interesting things.

4) You like to cook, and I like to hear about what you've been cooking, because it's always interesting to see what other people are putting cooking effort into.

5) You apparently have read my blog and don't hold the content there against me. A plus.

I list those things because I often wonder who is reading my weblog and why, so I figure you'd be at least slightly interested. I like the movie reviews, as well, though that is part of #3.

Personally, I follow your posts more than the comments here. If you have comment readers who use RSS, an RSS feed for the comments might benefit them. I know my blog-readers love the "latest comments" in the sidebar, and they use it heavily (the ones I've asked.) That helps to increase a sense of community on the weblog.

#2 seems like a winner, and relatively easy to do (except for having to change the layout, which I hate fiddling with on my blog.)

You've inspired me. Sometime in the future I will probably ask my friends what they would like to see more of. I just have to make sure I'm going to have time to actually do it before I raise any hopes.


Categories would be a nice addition (it would help me find recipes!) but to be honest, you really don't need to change a thing. Verbatim is "just right" as-is.

Providing links to recent comments is nice, but to me it seems mainly to be a way to encourage commenting: Leave a comment, get a (temporary) sidebar link.

Further to James's comment, you're probably the person who inspired me to get off my tuchus and start writing at my own site. Does that make you my Blogmother?


Categories, yes. And links. And trackback! And more of your terrific photos.


#2 absolutely. And I'd love a search. i sometimes though maybe #2 would eliminate the need. I know you have the archives but sometimes I have to try and figure out what month you posted something so I can go search for it. A whole blog search would help then.


#2 would be most helpful for my lazy self. I'd love being able to click on a link for movies, books and recipes. As a fellow netflix junky, I think it would be a great way for me to add to my ever-growing queue.


I'd like to caution against TrackBack. It's a spam magnet. Sometimes TypePad catches the spam and deletes it themselves, sometimes not.

If you install #1, people will see how many times I comment here. Embarrassing!


My only suggestion is to change the way your comments get published. You have the most recent on top, which makes it hard to follow if someone is commenting on a previous comment. I'd much prefer the oldest comment on top, and then the ones that follow below, so then it's more a like a conversation.

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