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November 21, 2005


Anne Glamore

You're way ahead of me, but I have sweet potatoes boiling as I type....


Hi, Pin. Everything looks and reads delicious. Wish I was coming to your house for Thanksgiving....also wish that I could be at home filling the house with all of the wonderful smells of this holiday. All of my love and best wishes for a year filled of things for which to be thankful. Love, Shu


Sounds delish! This will be my wife's first T-Day brining the bird only (a'la Alton Brown) v. basting with butter/white wine (a'la Martha). I have high hopes!

We do two birds for 16 people - my day is actually tomorrow smoking the turkey. Inject with a mixture of butter, beer, Tabasco, worcestershire, tamari, and garlic/onion pwders and smoke for 3 - 4 hours (for a 12 lb bird) over a slow charcoal fire infused with apple and cherry wood smoke. I am hoping for the best.

All washed down with some home-brewed beer .... heaven.

Pinot noir will also be available.

Enjoy y'all!


Joel, that smoked turkey sounds fabulous. I'm coming over to your house. Then I want some of Karen's cranberry sauce. I guess I'll have to have a sort of round robin Thanksgiving. Have a lovely day, all!

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