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November 30, 2005



I too get a ton of cooking magazines. I just started getting Gourmet, and love that one. I've been getting Cooking Light for a couple of years and it's my favorite. I also get Better Homes and Gardens (which I don't think I'll be renewing - it's not worth the cost for the couple of articles a year I actually use) and Martha Stewart's Everyday Food (which is my husband's favorite).


have you tried Chow?


love it - beautiful!


That has been my problem with Cuisine for years. I'd keep wanting to let it lapse and then a winner would come through. I still make their molten chocolate cakes for dinner parties - they always turn out perfect.
I finally let it run out beginning of last year and I haven't missed it.


Dang! I was beat to recommeding Chow! And I do recommend it, by the way. OK, so I'll throw in my lot with not a mag per se, but a buying guide: The Rosegarten Report -
http://www.davidrosengarten.com. That's where *I* first learned about Kurabota pork!

I dig Cooking Light, but I wish they'd have some more "guy" stuff - we cook too y'know!

I love reading issue of Gourmet from my Dad's library from the 50s - 70s. They are priceless. Give me a little James Beard/Craig Claiborne/Elizabeth David anyday. However, I love Ruth Reichl and her influence; she's only reason I keep subscribing to Gourmet.


Correction - that's http://www.davidrosengarten.com. Sorry!

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