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November 01, 2005



I can't drink carbonated beverages these days without getting a stomachache. So, I drink Minute Maid Light (I think with aspartame) Guava Citrus and Raspberry Passion. They are really good.


I used to love Fresca. I'll have to try it again!


In addition to the regular citrus and the black cherry citrus, they also have a peach citrus, but that doesn't appeal to me at all.


I've always loved Fresca and now I'm going to have to try this new version. yummy.


Everything in moderation ... including moderation!


Have you tried Santa Cruz Organic cherry spritzer? Quite tasty. No splenda or nutrasweet. www.scojuice.com


fresca is my favorite. i was shocked when i saw the new flavor, but since you say it's good i just might pick some up.


Bought two liter bottle of the black cherry tonight. it's good! Me and the kids all think so.


I was shocked that they dropped so much money into advertising Fresca. From my place in Southern California It seems as if they are in the middle of a huge ad campaign.

Even one of my local low end faimily resturants is in on the hype.

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