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November 25, 2005



Ah - gravy. My dad made ours for dinner yesterday and left it at home! AGH! I had to drive back to get it, but fortunately it is only 3 miles away.

Our turkeys came out really well. The one I smoked on the grill Wednesday was subtly smoky and incredibly moist (4 hours for a 12 lb unstuffed bird), while the Alton Brown brined bird was gorgeous but just a tad undercooked in the thighs. We put the dark meat back in the over for a few minutes.

I used your recipe for roasted root vegetables and they were a real hit! Thanks for posting it. I'd forgotten how nice parsnips are. That dish was a last minute add since one of my sisters didn't want to make the hour drive in the snow. Can't say as I blamed her, and she was taken in by friends for the evening.

Glad you had a great holiday! Now for that turkey sandwich tonight. I won't get into the debate on how to make one properly....

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