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November 07, 2005


lynn loomis


Oh,please give In the Mood for Love another chance! I know what you mean about it being slow, but it really stuck with me when over. I thought about it for days. Tony Leung is amazing. His face is so expressive. 2046, the follow-up was not as good, but I'm glad I saw it.



Oh, phooey, I already returned it to Netflix! But maybe I will reconsider. I did love both Leung and Cheung, but the pace was deadly.


Sure, sure, Newman's great in that.

I've got the Coen's Blood Simple coming in this week.


The Hudsucker Proxy is SUCH a sleeper! I love it - note perfect for the time period, it was great training for Robbins' role in Shawshank Redemption. Jennifer Jason Leigh did a great Hepburn impression and I can only wonder what happened to the Coens between this film and Barton Fink (which I hated.

"You know .. for kids!'


Loved, loved, LOVED Hudsucker Proxy!! We've seen it several times, and still love it!

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