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November 25, 2005



I hated all the characters in Crash by the end. I like to have heroes to believe in when the credits roll. Call me a romantic. National Treasure was awful in just about every conceivable way.


I didn't even care enough about the characters in Crash to hate them. What a letdown.

I thought the historical storyline in National Treasure was fun. I like a good treasure hunt as much as the next gal -- and while this wasn't anywhere near the caliber of Raiders of the Lost Ark, I don't think it was such an utter failure. Once I knew it was going to be Disney all the way, I just sat back and enjoyed watching them get from A to B -- because OF COURSE they would get from A to B in a Disney movie!


Winslow Boy is one of my favorites. I love the repartee between Rebecca Pidgeon (Mamet's wife) and Jeremy Northam. I am biased, however, as anything with Northam gets a thumbs up from me.


Election is a favorite of mine. Reese's character is just priceless and Mathew Broderick's character is hillarious. Oddy a feel-good movie even though it's probably supposed to be much more.


Looks like I'm odd man out on Crash, one of my favorite films of 2005. (My name links to my review from Sept.) I liked the construction of the story and visually thought it had a tremendous impact. To each his own--that's what makes film such a great medium.

I'll be avoiding Nat Treasure. Election, I agree, is terrific, and one of Reese's best performances. (Have you ever seen Man in the Moon? One of her first films; I remember being very impressed by her and moved by the story.)

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