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November 12, 2005



Grrrrrrr, grrrrrrrr. That's about as articulate as I can be on this subject right now. It's utterly appalling. EC should be sold OTC, IMHO. Grrrrrrr.


"And she might then end up seeking an abortion, the very thing that these fundamentalist groups are supposed to be against."

Bingo! They are not about preventing abortion. I find that their actions make a lot more sense once I realized that what they're really about is keeping sex as risky as possible and thereby promoting their own puritanical view of it.


Would, then, a fundie pharmacist refuse to fill a prescription for Viagra if he knew the patient was unmarried? The thot plickens.


In principle, yes. But their main focus seems to be keeping the negative consequences in place: disease and unwanted pregnancies. Things which remove those consequences are never welcome: contraception, abortion, education, etc. They want people too afraid to have sex. Losing one's erection just isn't as large a fear as unwanted reproduction or sexually transmitted disease.


This all sickens me. I can't believe how restrictive this country is becoming. Too many people want to make decisions, not just for themselves but for all the rest of us as well.


I haven't shopped at Target since I heard this and I sent them a letter to tell them why.


Welcome to conservative America. You can't tell wealthy people what to do with their money (i.e. tax them), but you sure can tell everyone what to do with regard to their medical decisions and sex lives.


This was the final nail in the coffin for our patronizing Target. It started when we saw their rating on buyblue.org months ago, and when this story came out a few weeks back, that was it. They shall no longer be favored with our custom.

So there.

Wake up and smell the hypocrisy.

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