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November 04, 2005



HOBBIT! Check out the binding UNDER the original dust jacket!



Gee, how did I know that Scott would pop up here and say something about The Hobbit?


Portrait of the artist as a young man? I slogged through that in college, and absolutely hated it. I wouldn't pay one dime for it.


Unlike Margaret I think POA is a great book.


The back page of the NYT Book Review is like religion for this stuff! I swear, I'll take down ANYONE who dares challenge me for that copy of "Leaves of Grass", the one tome I never travel without. I have a copy on my PDA. Kidding aside, could someone lend me $59,826?

Joyce's "Portrait"? Genius. On the other hand, don't even ask about "Hucklebery Finn". Honestly, I *wanted* to like it!

Library Lady

I'd go for Madeline. Though the tired copy of "Mad About Madeline" we own is worth far more than $7,800 to me, since it's the book we read and read (and read) when my older daughter was little!

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