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November 08, 2005



Neeeeat. Karen, your notes make me (almost) wish I were in charge of Thanksgiving dinner. But I can at least think up a killer side-dish and bring it along, with a bottle of wine or two.


Can you really taste the difference in brining a turkey? I don't brine and my old turkeys come out well. I find the key is getting a good one. Where do you buy yours?


I think the meat stays juicier. The people at the Fine Cooking site -- where I hang out frequently! -- definitely recommend it, and these are chefs, cookbook authors, professional food-testers, cooking instructors, food writers, caterers, etc.

I get my turkeys at Whole Foods. I noticed this year that they are also selling brined turkeys, but I think I'll brine my own. :-)


What's the difference between brining a turkey and buying a kosher one?

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