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November 14, 2005



I have been wanting to brine a turkey ever since I saw it on the Food Channel (I think it was my buddy Alton Brown's show) but I never seem to get it together to do it. I am making Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday since we will be in Disney World on Thanksgiving. Maybe I can get my stuff together and get the bird in the brine on Saturday. Thanks for the reminder!


It really does make a big difference! Just be sure not to brine for too long (unless you reduce the salt) and be sure to rinse the bird thoroughly afterward. Also, you might notice that the dark meat is a little pinker near the bone, but that does NOT mean it's not done. You're still looking for the same temperature and texture; never rely on color (fresh birds are pinker than frozen, too). Let me know how it works out!

Generic Humanoid

Ah, another turkey briner :) I am a big believer in brining poultry in general and not putting stuffing inside the cavity (unless it is cornish game hens and wild rice stuffing).

Do you only use water and salt in your brine? I like using the super infusion of water as a means of seasoning (maple sugar being a favorite, YMMV).


Yes, a number of people over at CooksTalk add flavorings, including apple cider for turkey. I've never tried it.

I recently learned over there that soaking shrimp in salt water (or salt-sugar water) for about 20-30 minutes makes an enormous difference in the texture of the cooked shrimp, particularly if it had been frozen. Can't wait to try it; I'm told that the shrimp really "pops."

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