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November 06, 2005



Oh, yum! And you know I love the Ribera del Duero. Happy belated anniversary!


Happy anniversary, and what a truly AWESOME meal you two had! Wow!


Mozzil Tove on your anniversary!

"Half Roasted Duck with Wild Mushroom Risotto and Dried Cranberry Gastrique" sounds wonderful - as you know, I am a duck lover myself and a big fan of your very own Ultimate Roast Duck.

So: this duck is half roasted, eh? Is it half boiled, too? Heh.


Funny you mention that. On the menu it actually says "Half 'Whole' Roasted Duck." The waiter said that means that they roast the whole duck and then halve it. Seems kind of obvious and unnecessary to call it that, though, eh?


Yummy. And happy belated.

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